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Mainly Manufacture wireless charging Products, such as wireless charger, wireless power bank, wireless car charger, wireless charger receiver, wireless charger bluetooth speaker. We continues to make production to meet market requirements and future trends of the electronics industry's high taste, high quality products and services.

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Wireless charging technology, also called inductive charging, non-contact inductive charging, from the wireless power transmission technology is the use of near-field induction, is inductively coupled by a power supply unit (charger) to transfer energy to power the device, the device uses the received energy to the battery, and also for their own operating purposes. Because between the charger and power means for inductive coupling to transfer energy without wire connection between the two, so the chargers and power devices can be done without conductive contacts exposed.

There are four Mainstream wireless charging standard: Qi standard, Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard, Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) standard, iNPOFi technology. Awesome use QI technology, all of our wireless charging products is in accordance with QI standard.

At currently, Google Nexus 4/5/7, Samsung S6/S6 edge,HTC Droid DNA ,Sharp SH-07/04/02D,LG D1L/LTE2,Nokia 920/928 etc smartphone has built-in QI wireless charging receiver.

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